A Traveler’s

first aid guide


Final Piece

A first-aid booklet for travelers on a road trip, this book is intended to fit conveniently in the glove comparment, taking up the size of a road-map. The content is provided by St. Margaret Family Health Centers of Pittsburgh, PA and outlines general intsructions for common medical situations. Keeping most all of the information, I re-formatted and re-worded as necessary to fit my theme, as well as added additional information I found fitting. Taking inspiration from classic road maps and the hand-made journal feel from "Seven," I chose a loose and sketchy illustration style combined with bold graphic elements set on grided lab paper.


Iteration 1

After deciding on the audience of road trip travellers I began looking at adding map motifs and played with "step by step" directions like you might get through Google Maps. At this point they are coming accross a little heavy-handed and too obvious.

iteration 2

Trying to take a more subtle approach I focused on simplifying the typographical hierarchy and lessening the amount of map elements. I began thinking a bit about color at this stage, with the intent of using it to convey the map theme.

iteration 3

Expanding on the illustration style I started to play with in the second iteration I tried using it as a background texture. I was hoping to play with the organic shape that a road-map can form.

iteration 4

Refining some of the map elements that I began using, I began also looking at other inspiration with the same feeling as the hands-on map. In particular, I looked at the journals from the movie, "Seven" which inspired my final paper choice.


let’s take a trip through the guide…