Rebecca Garza-Bortman

A tribute zine


Final Piece

A zine documenting Rebecca Garza-Bortman’s career since her graduation from Carnegie Mellon’s School of Design in 2006. Rebecca has had a particularly unique journey, as she has pursued music and other personal projects alongside her professional design work. Through this zine, I tried to build out her personal timeline as well as reflect her personal brand and personality as it has evolved over the last 12 years. Part of a series of zines by the CMU Communication Design Class of 2020, this project challenged the current sophomores to create a narrative and cohesive system, while learning about the many career paths available for designers.



After receiving some information from an initial survey Rebecca and the rest of the CMU Design graduates filled out, I began gathering more information about Rebecca from her site and other online sources to begin building up a rough timeline of her career. At this stage I also began gathering visual inspiration to begin building palettes and an overall visual language.


Since I still had several questions around specifics in Rebecca’s life, I reached out for a phone call to ask a few follow up questions and get a better sense of her as a person. I ultimately panned out the specific timeline above, which greatly influenced my final layout for the zine, in not only highlighting the great overlap in Rebecca’s career as well as the physical timeline motif.


Let’s Take a look through the zine…