Carnegie Mellon Wind Ensemble

Poster Design


final piece

A poster advertising the February “All American” concert for the Carnegie Mellon Wind Ensemble. With this poster I tried to take the most American symbol I could think of, and use it in an unconventional manner while keeping a neutral/serious tone like the featured pieces of the concert.


iteration 1

After removing the backgrounds of several Unsplash flag images, I began to play with layering and was drawn to applying a mask to create a more graphic image.

iteration 2

While I liked the graphic-ness of the diamond shape, I felt as though the graphic wasn’t prominent enough and was too restrictive, so I opted for a version where the scale increased and the position shifted off-center.

iteration 3

After a request from the Wind Ensemble directors, I changed the flags from gray tones to color and warmed up the background color to fade into the white hue of the top flag layer.

iteration 4

From the 3rd iteration to this one, I sought out the critique of my design colleagues who recommended a more organic shape for the flags. I adjusted the collage of the flags to highlight the natural wave and soften the form.


Let’s take a closer look at the final poster…